Adoption Program

Connections Adoption Program facilitates stable and secure family lives for children who cannot live with their own family for various reasons.

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People who can access the service

Parents who may be considering relinquishing their child for adoption. 

Children placed by our Adoption Program are usually aged from two months to one year. Children with special needs, such as those with disabilities, are also placed for adoption. 

Couples or families who wish to adopt a child and live in the southern region of Melbourne. 

How the Adoption Program works

This program provides relinquishment counselling to parents who may be considering the adoption of their child. People may access counselling at any stage of a pregnancy and from birth onwards. Relinquishment counselling involves discussion of all the options available, from parents caring for the child to adoption. 

Children placed by Connections Adoption Program are usually aged from two months to one year. However, the program also places older children with special needs for adoption. 

Connections recruits, trains and assesses prospective couples or families from the southern region who wish to adopt a child. Approved applicants are committed to supporting ongoing contact between the child and their family of origin where required. Once approved, the applicants are considered for links with children requiring placement. 

Where possible, birth parents are also involved in the selection of caregivers for their child. Following placement of the child with an approved applicant, Connections provides ongoing support and assistance to these adoptive families. 

How clients can benefit from the service

Children placed with appropriately trained and assessed adoptive families are provided with a secure and loving family environment. 

Relinquishing parents are provided with counselling, which includes comprehensive information and discussion of the available options. This will assist them to make appropriate decisions for their child and themselves. 

Adoptive parents are also provided with significant training, ongoing support and advice to assist them in caring for their adoptive child and successfully integrating them into their family life. 

How this service benefits the community

Ensuring that children have a safe, stable, secure and caring family life is of fundamental importance to our community. Connections Adoption Program facilitates this outcome for children who are relinquished by their parents.


Where >>

The Adoption Program operates from the Connections Windsor Office at 274 High Street Windsor Victoria 3181.

Contact >>

You can contact the Adoption Program on 03 9521 5666.