Paving the way for our next generation of doctors

The story of Amir*, South Eastern Chances Scholarship recipient.

Amir, arrived in Australia five years ago and dreamt of being a doctor. Sadly as the years went on, he became uncertain about his future as he soon realised he could not afford a number of essential items, including a simple lab coat.

With the support of South Eastern Chances, Amir has been able to enrol in an extension course at Monash University (Biomedical Science), purchase a laptop and his much needed lab coat, reinstating his confidence in his future.  

I have been in Australia for five years. Initially I had no knowledge of the language and had to start from the alphabet. However, I have always been optimistic and knew nothing is impossible as long as I try hard. I did not feel I belonged for the first two years but now I feel very content and confident. We migrated to Australia legally as my parents were skilled workers, however they could not find jobs for three years, meaning that almost all of their savings have gone. However they are always very supportive and kind.

I like to be challenged and try difficult things. I am planning to become a doctor in the future but to do so I have to keep trying really hard and achieve the best I possibly can.

My main reason to become a doctor is because I enjoy learning about how organisms function and I have a passion to be able to help others when they need it. I have many motivational factors such as my family and my relatives. However, I will not allow my financial condition to act as a barrier for my education ever.

Before applying for a South Eastern Chances scholarship I was doubtful of being able to attend my university subject as it costs a lot. However, now I am much more confident as I do not need to worry about the financial cost and can focus entirely on my studies.

Without this program me and my parents would have to compromise on something in order to complete my course.

This would make me feel anxious and uncomfortable because I do not want to make my life and my parent’s life complicated. Eventually without help, I may have avoided the course and potentially missed many opportunities.

I really appreciate Connections’ support and kindness. It truly proves there are people who care for the disadvantaged individuals and I feel that I am not alone. I hope that one day, when I become an independent individual, I too support children like myself, as a way of giving back a portion of your assistance. I do not know how to thank you and am more determined to achieve my dreams.

Thank you very much again.”


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Connections’ South Eastern Chances is an innovative scholarship program that provides financial support to children and young people living in south east Melbourne to obtain educational, cultural and social opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

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*Not his real name