Life is a cabaret

Every young girl aspires to be a singer or a dancer at least once in their life. For Amara, being blind, suffering from mild Cerebral Palsy and having an intellectual disability was not going to stop her from living her dream of one day having a career in music theatre.

A number of years ago Amara’s dreams came true and she performed in Nadrasca Theatre Company’s production of Cabaret. After learning her lyrics and melodies by listening to audio tapes and CDs.

With the support of Connections’ South Eastern Scholarship program, Amara was able to pay for her singing lessons to further her dream of making it onto an even bigger stage.

“By receiving this scholarship, I was able to pay for my singing lessons. This freed me up extra money to make my life easier through having more money for my living expenses that I would have missed out on.” Amara.

Connections’ South Eastern Chances is an innovative scholarship program that provides financial support to children and young people living in south east Melbourne to obtain educational, cultural and social opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

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