Cute Kids

Connections UnitingCare is a community organisation with a long and proud history of supporting marginalised and disadvantaged children, young people and families.

We have a vision of empowered children, young people and families enjoying wholeness and fullness of life within social inclusive communities.

We will boldly and sensitively seek out and actively engage children, young people and families experiencing marginalisation and disadvantage to create opportunities for safe and nurtured living.


Our Values
Our values of Respect, Equity, Responsiveness, Relationship and Learning affirm and reflect our commitment to the Purpose and Values of our founding body, the Uniting Church in Australia and the UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania network. Our shared values underpin our work and shape the character of our unique relationship with our clients and other stakeholders and our response to social injustice.
Connections aims to reduce our impact on the environment. We have a keen interest in extending our caring role of people to include how we care for the environment. Our interest in the environment comes from an appreciation that environmental degradation has a disproportionate impact on those most disadvantaged.
Cultural Diversity
Connections has a strong commitment to develop culturally appropriate services. We are forging and building partnerships to ensure that we can be guided and can improve our understanding, responsiveness and work with culturally and linguistically diverse people including Aboriginal families and communities.